I was preparing the nursery for my daughter's arrival – I was working with a small space and limited budget – yet I didn’t want these reasons to stop me from creating something special for my first-born. I had decided I wanted pink walls (hormones maybe?) —halfway down the wall— and I was stopping at nothing until I got them! My husband debated with me, painting isn’t a small job? And what would happen when we had another child? He had a few valid points. Fortunately, what ultimately convinced him was my response, which went along the lines of us enjoying this baby and not thinking about anything else—let's worry when and ifthe time comes.

Over one year later and Alexa's room is still my favourite space in our home; a place that never fails to make me smile, and will hold many special memories in my heart, like the time we taped the walls as two nervous parents-to-be. And as time goes on, new memories are made and shared in her room.

The Bebe Style Co. was born from over 12 years experience in interior styling, passion for sourcing homewares and finding that 'perfect' piece, and, ultimately creating achievable beauty within four walls. Visit our website today.”

-Magdalene Liacopoulos